January 23, 2008

Is Warfare A Rational Choice for the Tuareg People?

Is Warfare a Rational Choice?

Those who would argue that all warfare is irrational or "wrong" and that the Tuareg rebels should put down their arms and just "be quiet" can learn something about human inequality and conflict.

Those who do not suffer inequality do not feel it.

Those who suffer from unequal treatment
and deprivation of life's most basic needs,

feel it intensely.

In the end,
these urgent concerns of the Tuaregs are not acknowledged
and if their voice is not heard,
because the government has isolated and suppressed the Tuaregs,
and if president Tanjda refuses to negotiate,

* the only meaningful thing that remains *
for the Tuaregs to do,
is to fight.

Read the analysis below to understand why.