January 01, 2008

Aghaly ag Alambo: New Year's Speech - In English

Aghaly ag Alambo
President of the Niger Movement for Justice

Photo credit: MNJ

New Year's Speech

Tamgak, Aïr Mountains
Agadez region, Niger
January 1, 2008

Hear the recorded speech HERE

MNJ transcription, in French HERE

TCN Translation, in English:

Dear fighters, Dear fellow citizens,

Eleven months after the start of our struggle for justice, we are highly satisfied with the results achieved. Most of the Aïr is now under the control of our Movement.

We reaffirm more than ever our commitment to the welfare of our populations and respect for human value. We bitterly regret the acts of barbarism committed by our country's army, which, under orders from the President of the Republic, massacres civilians. We extend our sincere condolences to the families of the victims.

1 - Despite some organizational difficulties getting our struggle started, our valiant fighters have been able to checkmate the efforts to intimidate us exercised by the power in Niamey. Contrary to the government's campaign of brainwashing and propaganda, trying to make it appear that our fighters were deserting, we welcome with satisfaction the massive numbers of Nigeriens who have rallied to MNJ, including those of the commander Kindo Zada and his brothers in arms, as well as Mr. Boubacar Mohamed Sougouma, Chief of Staff of FARS and his fighters. Our congratulations and encouragement.

2 - The year 2007 ends with a genuine note of appreciation for our Movement in light of our various commando operations. Concerning prospects for 2008, the MNJ is committed on their honor to strengthen and expand its activities, but also to create a climate of serenity across the entire territory which it controls.

We note with regret that ill-intentioned individuals have been engaged in looting on peaceful citizens. The Movement will undertake energetic action with the goal of putting an end to such practices. Any offenders will be put under arrest until the end of the conflict.

Concerning our struggle: this is the place to remind everyone that our struggle is committed more than ever to the search for justice and equity for the whole of our citizenry. In this regard, the MNJ will strive to put an end to trafficking of all kinds and to the numerous misappropriations of public funds, carried out under the aegis of the army and the power of the Fifth Republic at the expense of our dear country.

Contacts are already being made with lawyers, to create a dossier of complaints against the army's supreme commander and the predators of our wealth, before the International Criminal Tribunal for crimes against humanity.

3 - With regard to the exploitation of our mineral resources, the MNJ opposes the distribution of research permits and exploitation on our territory, which do not take into account the development and socio-cultural welfare of our peoples, in accordance with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Dear combatants, the struggle for justice has just begun. Today you constitute the hope of our people and our country, through one of the most difficult moments of its existence.

Dear combatants, Dear fellow citizens, may the year 2008 be for us a year of success and justice for our struggle, a year of prosperity and health for all of us.

Long live the struggle for Justice!

Long live Niger!

Thank you,

MNJ President,

Aghaly ag Alambo