February 24, 2010

New book, by Tuareg author Mohamed Ahamok

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of Mohamed Ahamok, copyright 2008

Mohamed Ahamok, a Tuareg author from the In Gall region of northern Niger, has published a new book in English, Tuareg Short Stories.

In this book, Mohamed recounts stories told in his family's nomad camp in the In Gall region of Niger. Some of the stories are traditional tales, and others are stories fashioned by Tuareg storytellers.

Many stories center about the animals found in the Sahara and Sahel -- camels, lions and hyenas. There are stories of beautiful women and kings. Some are moral tales ending in a proverb. You won't want to miss the surprise endings, characteristic of the Tuaregs' unique sense of wit and humor!

The book is an excellent addition to any Tuareg literature collection, and is suitable for children, as well.

The first few pages of the book may be previewed online, and the book may be purchased HERE:

Price $24.95

(Copyright Mohamed Ahamok 2008)