February 16, 2013

More Malian Army Massacres Yesterday

Unfortunately, the French helicopter pilot who was able to save six Tuareg men from summary execution on January 25 (see previous blog post) was not around yesterday.   The Malian army publicly executed ten Tuareg men on Friday, February 15, at Léré.  Their names are below, and have been reported to Human Rights Watch for investigation.

La liste des civiles Touareg qui ont été massacrés publiquement hier, vendredi le 15 février à Léré par l’armée Malienne.

1.  Moctar ag Barha
2.  Oumar ag Ayaye
3.  Ibrahim ag Mossa
4.  Ibrahim ag Halay
5.  Med Balla ag Intamalou
6.  Houmaydi ag Intahana
7.  Abdallah ag Matta
8.  Mohamed ag Souka
9.  Iskaw ag Alkher
10.  Amaha ag Elmahdi

Click on the map below to see location of Léré, near the Mauretanian border.