February 16, 2013

“All we see is death – again and again”

When will the West stop this genocide?  France brought the Malian army into the north, knowing full well that the Malian army wants nothing more than to kill “light-skinned” Tuaregs and others. 

More of the Malian Army’s summary executions reported today:

Wednesday/Thursday, February 13-14:
1.  Bayi Ag Mohamedlamine, at Wami, near Hombori
2.  An elderly religious cleric, Ashirif Marabou Mohamed (Isherif), at Hombori
3.  An elderly Kel Ansar Ali, at Gossi

Friday, February 15:
4. Halid ag Kpucou, at Gossi

These have been reported to Human Rights Watch for investigation. 

Click on the map below to see the location of Hombori; Gossi is the town just north of Hombori, on the road to Gao: