December 07, 2007

Welcome to Tuareg Culture and News!

The purpose of this blog is to offer educational links and sources for the study of Tuareg culture, to English-speakers including students, researchers and others interested in learning about the Tuareg people. The Tuareg people are not simply an exotic culture in a remote part of the world - they are real human beings with families, and right now they are facing some very serious problems. While the Tuareg people may be known to some Americans as the source of some nifty silver jewelry that's being sold by entrepreneurs on Ebay and private websites, our website seeks to educate Americans about the realities of environmental, economic, and political problems that Tuareg families are having to deal with today. The Tuareg are real people with values, needs, joys and sorrows - and they are suffering a terrible humanitarian crisis at this moment.